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Sat, 28 Nov



Next 10,000-year Lab-Forest Laboratory to Create the Next 10,000-year Lab-

[10,000-year-old capital of humankind, Jomon capital, Yatsugatake / Suwa area] The Industrial Revolution that the SDGs want to return is at most 150-200 years ago, Kyoto / Nara is the capital of 1,000 years, and the world's four major civilizations are 4-5,000. Years ago, in the Jomon period long ago, the boundary between the largest land and the largest sea on the earth, the node of four plates like a temple tower, the Itoigawa-Shizuoka, where the East and West Japanese archipelago was born. In the middle of the structural line, the Yatsugatake / Suwa area, which rises higher than Mt. Fuji 200,000 years ago, was the 10,000-year capital of Jomon, where the peaceful and prosperous Taoyuan Township continued. The evergreen fir tree "Onbashira", a symbol of the immortal cycle. In a lab where you can feel the land physically and mentally, you will co-create the pillars of each person of the year, the pillars of your family and company, the pillars of Japan, and the pillars of the earth.

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Next 10,000-year Lab-Forest Laboratory to Create the Next 10,000-year Lab-
Next 10,000-year Lab-Forest Laboratory to Create the Next 10,000-year Lab-


28 Nov 2020, 15:00 GMT+9 – 29 Nov 2020, 15:00 GMT+9

Tamagawa, Japan, Tamagawa, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture 391-0011



"Next 10,000-year Lab"

~ Forest Laboratory to Create the Next 10,000 Years ~ 

Date: 2020.11.28 (Sat) 15: 00-29 (Sun) 15:00

Location: [zoom meeting <address display>]

Local participants are the Yatsugatake Forest Laboratory

(Y-10, Minoto Kogen Villa, 11395-9 Tamagawa, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture 391-0011)

Details: [FB event page]

Participation fee: [zoom participation <free>]

2 days for local participants (¥ 8,500 (meals ¥ 5000, drinks ¥ 3000, common fee ¥ 500)

1 day (¥ 5,000 (meal ¥ 3000, drink ¥ 1500, common fee ¥ 500)

* Common fee (admission fee from ancient times) ¥ 500 (forest maintenance fee + donation to Suwa Taisha Onbashira Festival)

* For those staying overnight, the futon fee is ¥ 3,000.



Keijiro Shinno: Co-founder of the Next 10,000 Years Lab, CEO of N STUDIO Co., Ltd., CEO of Nihonbashi Archives, Creative Hub 131 Executive Director, NICA: Nihonbashi Institute of Contemporary Arts Chief Director

[ Project design ]

Shigeki Mitomo: Co-founder of the Next 10,000 Years Lab, Senior Researcher, Nomura Research Institute (Public-Private Exchange from the Ministry of Finance)

[ "Forest Megumi" image video ] < "Forest Megumi" Science Agora video > < "International PBL" Science Agora video >

[ Project / PPT ] < SDGs Innovation HUB image video > < Guchokiper co-creation dance video >

Takashi Imai: Co-founder of the Next 10,000 Years Lab <Shooting, Equipment>, CEO of Highlight Works Co., Ltd.

<Design / Shooting, etc.>

Yusuke Miyake, Hiroshi Miyaji, Masakatsu Ito, Hiroyuki Watanabe and others

<Guests (about 7 people at all times)>

Tsutomu Iijima: Representative of Innovation Design Lab, CO-WORKS

Takashi Imai and other JC officials in the Suwa area

Chino City and surrounding local government officials

Tadashi Hattori: Advisor of N STUDIO Co., Ltd.

Yasuyoshi Togashi: ANR; Representative Director of All Nippon Rennovation, Director of Five Relationships, Former Representative Director of Japan Youth Council

Satoshi Ono: Director of ANR, Managing Director of Japan Innovation Fusion Society, Executive Officer of Daffodil Japan

Teru Hirooka: Executive Director of MEGV, Representative of MOTHER EARTH, Advisor of Earth Day Tokyo, world shift 2020, etc.

■ 11/28 (Sat) Day1 ■

13:30 → Site visit (Shinno, friends) → Car transportation, setting (Yo, Miyake)

(11:00 Shinjuku Limited Express Azusa No. 17 bound for Matsumoto → 12:59 Arrive at Chino)

◆ Session 1 15: 00 ~ 17: 00

One Pillar CommonTime Next 10,000 Years

Theme "Jomon 10,000 Years Capital-Lake Suwa / Yatsugatake Foothills Cultural Area"

Lead moderators: Shinno, Iijima, Imai

Mr. Shinno conceptually explained the time axis (pillar) @ this place (Yatsugatake), 200,000 years, 30,000 years, 10,000 years, etc. based on this land.

Mr. Iijima followed by the earth's axis (pillar) @ space-time axis (Art & Science), a deep philosophical story.

Mr. Imai explained the regional axis (pillar) @ today (2015-30) and various contemporary issues in this region.

[Zoom address]

Meeting ID: 821 4994 2646

Passcode: 336782

* Project explanation, participant introduction, etc.

on the peaceful Jomon Era,

after 200,000 Japanese history,

after 500,000,000 human history.

= Jomon 10,000 Years Capital 2.0

Sustainable society, settlements, communities, families.

Work style, learning, folklore. Degrowth, degrowth, redefinition of affluence, good Happo.

◆ Session 2 17: 00 ~ 19: 00

Two Pillars CommonSpace Everyone's Pillars

Theme "Building each pillar beyond dual theory" Lead moderators: Shinno, Tomo, Imai

100 years Time 10,000 years ➡ Family / blood relatives (blood relations) Space For regional (territorial relations) and regional issues, based on the time axis and essential ideas of Session 1, the technology and technology from the standpoint of individuals and corporations Each of us will set a pillar for how we can solve the problem by making the best use of our strengths. The methodology repeats dialogue between oneself and others with free ideas so that it can go beyond the existing dualism.

[Zoom address]

Meeting ID: 821 4994 2646

Passcode: 336782

* What kind of pillars will each participant build and how will they be built?

between the largest sea and continent,

between human / nature, spirit / body, god / human, good / bad, center / local, young / old ,,,

among 4 geo / earth plates,

center of good for 8 directions,

Stand your pillar.

Beyond dialogue and dualism.

Relationship between humans and nature 2.0. Reconstructing the relationship between me and nature, beyond the concept of modern Western times, with all things

Reconstruction of integrated and organic relationships. Mind and body. Eight million 2.0.

◆ Forest dinner 19: 00 ~ 20: 00

* No delivery

◆ Session 3 20: 00 ~ 24: 00

Three Pillars Common Earth Everyone's Seat

Theme "Creating 8 million workshops from Admission Place 2.0"

Lead moderators: Togashi, Hirooka, Ono, Iijima, Imai, Tomomo, Shinno, etc.

Local issues, such as themes,

Solve with sports

Solved by new food development,

Solve with art tourism,

The ideathon is piled up earnestly by giving the theme (work).

For a fun time of creative divergence. Until midnight.

[Zoom address]

Meeting ID: 847 1702 8467

Passcode: 512073

* Innumerable work (shop) ideas based on the friend sheet

Common earth

no one can own, anyone can use and no none left behind.

Regional Commons 2.0

Confirmed the ideal way of Social Common Capital from Public & Private and newly developed.

Developed common for admission place 2.0 and admission right 2.0 in the lab. Development of regional mutual aid 2.0, intergenerational mutual aid 2.0, regional commons 2.0 as urban disaster prevention and evacuation bases, and private safety net 2.0 models. Obsidian 2.0. Regional new industry development, corporate new business development, co-sustainable industry, harmonization industry.

<Example of eight million workshops>

[Earth / Environment] NATURE's Blessing / Harm point

Jomon calendar (deer, wild boar, bonito, salmon, blowfish, clams, clams, mainspring, bracken,

Chestnuts, walnuts, etc.) x Nouvelle dishes x Sweets experience

Buckwheat fruit harvesting & buckwheat flour making & buckwheat making workshop

Yatsugatake Kogen Beekeeping 2.0 Workshop

Yatsugatake Kogen Vegetable Harvesting / Recipe Workshop

Yatsugatake Alpine Plant Tour

Yatsugatake grouse breeding hackathon

Japan's highest open-air bath (2150m) experience

"Listen to the voice of the forest" workshop

"Forest care" workshop

"Forest thinning" workshop

"Firewood making & kuberu" workshop

Yatsugatake Moss Sanctuary Pilgrimage Workshop

Nobeyama Radio Observatory (Experience you too)

etc ………… ..

[Human / Society] HUMAN's Wisdom / Pain point

Jomon 10,000 Years Sustainable Team Building Experience

Paleolithic house stay experience

Admission 2.0 Development Hackathon

Town Hall 2.0 Development Hackathon

Yatsugatake Mountaineering & Team Building Workshop

Yatsugatake Shugendo Climbing Experience Tour

Koga Saburo Legendary Holy Land Pilgrimage Workshop

Onbashira Standing Workshop

etc ………… ..

[Region / World Economy] HUMANS in the community / world

Jomon 10,000 Years Sustainable Survival Experience

Paleolithic Jomon Yatsugatake volcano spring experience

Admission 2.0 Development Hackathon

Three-way to eight-way good development hackathon

Small business 2.0 development hackathon

Yatsugatake was the highest mountain in Japan Verification workshop

Yatsugatake Volcano Experience Tour

Yatsugatake Geological Age Research Workshop

Yatsugatake volcanic mudflow sediment experience tour

Median Tectonic Line Experience Workshop

Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line Experience Workshop

Fossa Magna Experience Workshop

10,000 years of geological experience in the forest of the site / 200,000 years of geological experience

Suwa Taisha Shrine Onbashira Festival "Kami" inhabits the giant tree forest experience

etc ………… ..

<Neighborhood affiliated facilities (candidates for affiliated consultation)>

Idojiri Archaeological Museum (touching real flame-shaped pottery)

Sekiseki Jomon Archaeological Museum (Jomon House)

Obsidian Experience Museum (Obsidian Arrowhead Production Workshop)

Yatsugadake Chuo Agricultural Practice College (dairy farming, poultry farming, vegetable making 2.0 experience)

etc ………… ..

■ 11/29 (Sun) Day2 ■

07: 00 ~ → To Suwa Taisha Forest

9: 00 ~ Breakfast

◆ Session 4 10: 00 ~ 12: 00

Creating a Lab with Four Pillars and 123 Pillars Next 10,000-year Lab (Next 10,000-year Lab)

Theme "Create a lab for eight million workshops on Day 1"

Lead moderators: Tomo, Shinno, Imai

From yesterday's divergent idea

Select several good ideas, aggregate them, and realize them

Think about the process.

[Zoom address]

Meeting ID: 831 0330 5017

Passcode: 500965

* Summary based on the previous day's Session

<Domain candidate>

◆ Forest BBQ Lunch 12: 00 ~ 13: 00

* No delivery

◆ Session 5 13: 00 ~ 15: 00

Five Pillars Make the Pillars (Plans) for Everyone in the Lab Common Pole for Humans

Theme "2021 Build a pillar for the Next 10,000 Years Laboratory (tentative)"

Lead moderators: Tomo, Shinno, Imai

From among them, select the project to be implemented today, and as the next 10,000-year lab, materialize the business plan, financial plan, etc., start preparations for implementation, FINISH!

[Zoom address]

Meeting ID: 844 0315 5337

Passcode: 334833

* Creation of pillars (implementation schedule) from January 1, 2021, financial planning, etc. To concrete

Departs at 15:42 and arrives at Azusa No. 42 bound for Shinjuku at 18:04 (142 minutes)

15:51 Depart Azusa 74 bound for Shinjuku 18:29 (158 minutes)

16:20 departure Azusa 44 bound for Shinjuku 18:43 arrival (143 minutes)

16:59 Depart Azusa 46 bound for Shinjuku 19:06 (127 minutes)

* Contents are subject to change depending on social conditions.

* Notes on the day

To prevent infection with the new coronavirus, we ask that you wash your hands, gargle (cup / soap / paper), and use a disinfectant spray before the reception.

In addition, ventilation will be performed once every 30 minutes during the event. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please refrain from participating if you have a fever, cough, or severe fatigue in advance.


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