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MEMBERS plans & pricing


SDGs Innovation Hub( SIH )or Digital Garden City National Concept (Dejiden) Cheering SquadRegional DX Producer ( LdxP Thank you for your support of our philosophy and business.Participate in "Business Contest/Award/Event", various ideas and initiatives, brushing up through project mentoring, etc., connecting it with public and private finance in the world,Locally and globallyWe are looking for members who want to

We are looking for SDGsknowstart with and work onactionwake up,Achievementout.SIHorDigita cheering partyLdxPSupport business liaison councilHosted byGrand PrixFirst Prizes and Benefits,LdxP★★We are looking for participants in business contests, awards, and events that aim to(Mild) Challenger/ChallengerIt's people.

(companions escort runner)

MENTORSgroupCePiCis a sister organizationSDGs Innovation Hub ( SIHorDigital Garden City National Concept (Dejiden) Cheering Squad LdxPSupport business liaison councilFor those who have made it through the business contest qualifying rounds in cooperation with , or who are starting new initiatives with awards and events as a trigger.mentoring, of investors to winnersmatchingIn order to achieve results, and to achieve further results,supporter/co-runnerWe will provide the necessary support as aNew capitalism/democracyorRegional revitalization,digital garden city conceptWe aim to cooperate with

Regional and global transformation, to be the subjectMember InnovationSo, post-coronaNew Public (Capitalism, Democracy, Life) Well-beingtogetherMaking the future of humanity and the earth sustainableLet's do it.

<Member Benefits>is mainly the following three items and others.

More than 150 experts and practitioners in many fields of industry, government, academia, and private financeCePiC/SIH Mentorsister organization to which CePiC/ (Dejida cheering partyLdxP) /SIHGreen Blue Gold Member of, provide mentoring at a preferential price (support essential for commercialization and business growth, such as mentoring, coaching, advice, and plan brush-up)

  • Discovery of new business partners, introduction and networking of finance, intellectual property and human resources, and matching of ideas and business development utilizing the network of CePiC / SIH mentors

  • SIHIn addition to the above-mentioned preferential mentoring at the "I SIH International Business Contest", SIH sister organizations at the "II National Young Regional DX Talent Award"Regional DX Producer of the Digital Garden City National Concept (Dejida) Cheering TeamLdxPSupport business liaison councilofLdxP/S★,★★,★★★Special training and guidance for certification, priority guidance to "III spring, summer and autumn camps and other events", and other advantageous information provision are expanding.

  • others

*<SIH partner (supporting member/sponsor)>Detailed explanation of:SIHOfficial HPLooking for SIH partnersPlease refer to the.

<Member category>

* One time (30 minutes (max-60 minutes depending on mentoring)) 10,000 yen mentoring, which is normally provided by CePiC, is 10,000 yen per year, and 3 times a year for 5,000 yen, and 80,000 yen per year. The membership fee is 3,000 yen per month, and SIH partners (sponsors) can receive it for free every month.