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Next Ten Millenia Club
Living column 3: Biosphere "Environment ( Biosphere ) "
[ Living column III ] CommonEarth [〇]
the Earth filled with 〇 Bliss
Co-experience and maximization of fusion knowledge of space-time on the earth
Next Ten Millenia Club
Living column 1: Society "Society"
[ Living column I ] CommonTime [Time]
Archives Bliss for Ten Millenia
Co-experience and maximization of future wisdom of people (me)

■ 次の一万年プライズ(一万年賞)2021表彰式


■ 次の一万年プライズ万年ワーキンググループ


などデジタル&リアルで開催、政府・産業・科学・アートの「公共創造家」と「公共」を共体験(共育) <当クラブの社員中心に運営>

■ 公共創造力評価WG

公共の4面政府・産業・科学・アートの公共創造家が、クラウドファンティングなど資金提供者と事業の公共創造力を評価 <フィギュアスケートのように4面から総合評価>

■ 万年ガイド2021編纂WG

万年ガイド(ミシュランガイドのパブクリ版)を毎年公表 <2021年一つ星, 2022年二つ星まで>

■ Geomon Geononの万年のつぶやきサービスWG

公共創造力評価によりAIが守護聖 (Guardian Angel) のようにサービス利用会員と対話・支援

■ 一万年賞等選定委員会



■ 公共創造家ゲーム<2021年度第一四半期委託調査事業>






Yes, let's go to Manto, Jomon Capital.
Next Ten Millenia Club

Make a 10,000-years living  column at the time through the space time

Support, disseminate, and nurture people , organizations, and activities that contribute to the public creation of the earth.

After the Corona disaster , there was the Jomon capital, Manto, which lasted 10,000 years in an era when the world changed drastically, such as digital transformation DX and sustainable development goals SDGs . I want to open up the future with the bosom of human and natural wisdom.


Between Kofuji Yatsugatake and Lake Suwa , volunteers from industry, government, academia, and citizens from all over the world gathered at the "Next 10,000-year Club," which started based in Suwa , and "company-community experience one team co-education." We carry out co-experience and co-creation activities such as "camping" (tentative name), camping / training, school trips / social tours, entrepreneurship / investment, etc. The next million years for the company and society, the community / school, and the home / individual while contributing to solving the problems of corporate / regional management by experiencing and interacting with the forest and people as a team, which is a local resource that has been going on for 10,000 years. We will nurture a future-created "one team" that holds the "pillars" ( permanent pillars) that support the company in a cyber-realistic manner.


National / world / regional large / small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs / investors, exchanges / financial institutions, kindergartens / elementary, junior high and high schools, universities / research institutes, national and regional administrations working to overcome the corona wreckage and promote DX and SDGs ・ Individuals, organizations and corporations who work, learn and live in public institutions participate. PDCA while confirming the productivity and changes of individuals and teams due to work in the "Life & Work Log" that secures the world's highest cyber security that is resistant to falsification and theft by making full use of digital technology such as blockchain and AI We will build the world's first Art & Science cyber-real infrastructure from Japan, which will be updated in.


Multi-stakeholders of SDGs, co-experience-based camps and workshops in which men and women of all ages from industry, government, academia and private sector participate , ② Ideas and business x finance projects, ③ Gathering and international forums are held regularly and continuously .. Corporate / individual version Furusato tax payment , ESG / SDGs investment / financing for companies and financial institutions, BCP bases that are resistant to disaster risks including infectious diseases such as corona, wormcation bases that support work / learning style reforms such as telework and their Based on evaluations and criteria, we will create a true hometown, the second and third hometowns, nationwide and around the world.

❥3: Industry-government-academia-private (Finance)

co-creation HUB

"Environment (Biosphere) " Project

Creating an area (society, town, village) by creating an "environment (biosphere)" ecosystem / place


NATURE's Blessing / Harm point


[Co-creation theme 3: " Environment (biosphere) "]
SDGs Environment (Earth) Problem Solving / Goal Achievement Action

Co-creation theme

① Mannen "Pillar" Workshop

・ ・ ・


② Mannen "pillar" project

・ ・ ・


③ Mannen "Pillar" Gathering Forum

・ ・ ・


Jomon calendar (deer, wild boar, bonito, salmon, blowfish, clams, clams, mainspring, bracken,

Chestnuts, walnuts, etc.) x Nouvelle dishes x Sweets experience

Buckwheat fruit harvesting & buckwheat flour making & buckwheat making workshop

Yatsugatake Kogen Beekeeping 2.0 Workshop

Yatsugatake Kogen Vegetable Harvesting / Recipe Workshop

Yatsugatake Alpine Plant Tour

Yatsugatake grouse breeding hackathon

Japan's highest open-air bath (2150m) experience

"Listen to the voice of the forest" workshop

"Forest care" workshop

"Forest thinning" workshop

"Firewood making & kuberu" workshop

Yatsugatake Moss Holy Land Pilgrimage Workshop

Nobeyama Radio Observatory (Experience you too)

etc ………… ..


projects' list 3


[Phase 3: " Management " SDGs Innovation HUB]
Regional Revitalization / Social Promotion Project + Industry-Government-Academia-Private (Friday) Collaboration Demonstration


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