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❥3: Industry-Government-Academia-Citizen (Gold) Co-Creation HUB


Creation of regions (societies, towns, villages) through creation of "environment (biosphere)" ecosystems and places


 EXPARTS' list 3 

[Co-creation theme 3: "environment(biosphere)]]
SDGs Environmental (Earth) Problem Solving / Goal Achievement Actions

Co-creation theme

CePiC/SIH Mentor(International (pre-)hackathon judges)
“Local ↔ City” Regional Innovation Support Program


Tatsuaki Toda
President and Representative Director of Synaptec Co., Ltd. A member of the Lifelong Learning Subcommittee of the 6th Central Council for Education.
Established SPARK Co., Ltd. in 2007 while attending graduate school at the University of Yamanashi and assumed the position of CEO. (Yamanashi Prefecture's first student entrepreneur). Graduated from the University of Yamanashi Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, Department of Materials and Bioengineering Master's Course. Established Synaptec Co., Ltd. in 2008 and assumed the position of Representative Director. In 2009, he established a youth-participation project team, Yamanashi no Tsubasa Project. In 2011, he became a member of the Lifelong Learning Subcommittee of the 6th Central Council for Education. Appointed as a member of the Yamanashi Prefecture Youth Affairs Council. Established Smart Frontier KOFU and assumed the position of representative. Established Move Innovation Co., Ltd. in 2014 and assumed the position of director. Inauguration of Kofu city center street revitalization executive committee, appointed as executive committee chairman. Established AVANCEUR Co., Ltd. in 2015 and assumed the position of director. In 2016, he became a director of Aurtes Co., Ltd. Appointed Director and CMO of VRC Co., Ltd. Appointed Executive Officer of Kaji Trading Co., Ltd.


Tomoki Matsuyama
Representative Director of Onkochishin Co., Ltd.
1998 Master of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo. Joined Boston Consulting Group in 1998. Joined Hoshino Resort Co., Ltd. in 2005. Achieved 1.5 times efficiency by improving productivity of guest room cleaning. 2007 Ryokan management director. General manager of joint projects and ryokan revitalization projects with Goldman Sachs Group and others. 2009 Appointed Director of Hoshino Resorts Co., Ltd. Founded Onkochishin Co., Ltd. in 2011. Up to now.


Hiroyasu Hatayama
Keidanren 21st Century Policy Research Institute Chief Researcher Seconded from Japan Airlines.

■ History
March 1987 Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Keio University Major: Finance
April 1987 Joined Nagano Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Coverage as a news reporter
・ News ・ Program production Incidents and accidents , Nagano Olympic bid activities, etc.
April 1992 Joined Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Airport-related operations, marketing planning, government aircraft and charter flights, presidents and directors of subsidiaries and affiliated companies, management planning, human resources, public relations, eco-airport promotion, business jet operations, retail electricity sales, etc., regional aviation service alliance LLP secretary general
Currently Senior Research Fellow, Keidanren 21st Century Policy Research Institute Seconded from Japan Airlines
■ Useful experience and knowledge
・Airports, aviation field, regional aviation support, facility planning, sales promotion, marketing planning, hospitality and CS
・Regional revitalization, tourism promotion, community development, remote island development
・Company management and organization management, management planning, business planning, general affairs, personnel and labor affairs, public relations, etc.
・ESG management, environment-related
■ Qualifications ・ Participating projects
・Japan Tourist Association JTCC

sightseeing planner
Tourist Tourism Coordinator Executive Certified Lecturer
・"City of Lifelong Activity" Advisor Cabinet Secretariat City, People, Job Creation Headquarters
https://shougaikatsuyaku town/advisor/
・Advisor to the Goto Promotion Council
・Registration of Digital Garden City National Plan Cheering Team


Taira Togashi
Representative director of All Nippon Renovation. Editor-in-chief of the Sotobo Keizai Shimbun. Director of Gorin Bunko Foundation. Director of the NGO Nogezaka Glocal and first representative director of the Japan Youth Council.

A pioneer in the world of youth and politics. At the age of 12, he established World Peace Japan, an international volunteer network club for middle and high school students with 1,300 members. For the first time in history, an active student appeared on NHK's "Sunday Debate". Featured in NHK metropolitan area special, TBS news feature, etc. Other studio appearances include NHK "Asaichi" and BS Fuji "Prime News". He is the author of "Bokura no Kibo, Seiji no Real", which was published together with Diet members of the Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito, Ishin Party, Osaka Ishin no Kai, and the Japanese Communist Party. In the 2016 House of Councilors election, he was the proponent of Komeito's key policies, "Minister of Youth Affairs, establishment of departments to replace this," and "Promotion of the Youth Assembly." Director of Gorin Bunko Foundation. Director of the NGO Nogezaka Glocal and first representative director of the Japan Youth Council. At All Nippon Renovation, he is in charge of planning and policy planning.


Masaki Ishikawa

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University (Circular Economics, Voluntary Approach, Participatory Approach in Environmental Policy, Extended Producer Responsibility)

My research has focused on waste management policy. Japan has achieved one of the highest collection rates for beverage containers in the world, despite the fact that the deposit system is not widespread and there are no economic incentives. This is due to the voluntary efforts of companies, the establishment of sorted collection by the government, and the high-precision source separation by citizens. I would like to clarify how and why this was established and the limits of the system, and make efforts to create a better system in countries such as China, where resource recycling systems must be developed. Currently, in Japan, he is conducting research related to the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law, the Home Appliance Recycling Law, and the Food Recycling Law. We are working on implementation.

山本 一樹.jpg

Kazuki Yamamoto

Director of Tess Engineering

MBSN (Alumni President)


Hanada Takeno
Seikoen Co., Ltd./Agricultural Production Corporation Chiba Production Co., Ltd.
After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Gakushuin University in 1992, he joined a major distribution group in a job-specific recruitment frame, and experienced agent work for Sotheby's, an overseas auction company. After that, after working at a planning and production company, Masakazu Taniguchi's marketing and design-related consulting company, since 2000, he has been involved as a strategy consultant for an IT-related company that was started up with the support of Isao Okawa, the founder of CSK. In 2002, the business was dissolved, and then participated in the establishment of an emergent consulting firm with board members. In 2004 and 2005, he worked as an IT and intellectual property-related cluster manager in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's cluster formation support project. Engaged in launching new businesses for regional information magazines and business succession. In 2010, he participated in an agricultural production corporation within the framework of the Cabinet Office's regional revitalization and employment project, and worked on a satoyama restoration project through the utilization of bamboo resources. Currently working with Mr. Seiichi Mizuno, the former president of Seibu Department Store, on VB incubation of agriculture and biomass related businesses in order to achieve the sixth industrialization of the agricultural field.


Goda Makoto

President and Representative Director of Nippon Plant Fuel Co., Ltd.

Born in Nagasaki in 1975. Dropped out of the Faculty of Law, Kyoto University. Established Japan Plant Fuel Co., Ltd. in 2000. Develop business that manufactures and sells plant fuels, mainly in Asia. After that, we expanded our base to Mozambique in Africa and established a local subsidiary, ADM, in 2012. In villages without electricity in the country, we support local production for local consumption type renewable energy and food production, and are also working on FinTech and AgriTech projects that can be used in rural areas.


Kazutaka Ikebe

CEO of Gradito Co., Ltd. Business strategist. Director of Japan Information Technology Exchange (NPO). NewsPicks Expert.

Born in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture. After graduating from university, joined an IT company in Yokohama. After working as a web designer, I was in charge of sales the following year. Order rate exceeds 80%. Planned and experienced the launch of numerous new services and put them on a profitable track.
In 2012, he was appointed as an outside director of an affiliated company. Responsible for overseas offshore outsourcing strategy and business expansion to the Asian market. In 2013, he was appointed as an executive officer and in charge of all businesses. The number of members has increased significantly from the time of its founding, and it has grown into a service that will become a management base. (In the same year, the website he produced received an award from the world's most famous evaluation agency.)
In June 2015, he was appointed as a director of the company, and succeeded in turning profitable in a short period of time for the information service for hotels, which was considering withdrawal at the time, focusing on regional revitalization and utilization of tourism resources. Increase company-wide sales by 200% (stock ratio 70%). Currently working on business strategy (consulting) as a management advisor, and working on regional revitalization starting with the domestic DMO and accommodation industry. Founder of Gradito Co., Ltd.


Masayuki Okuyama
Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University. Passed the tax accountant examination. SME doctor.
Completed the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Economics, Saitama University. After working as an associate professor at the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and an associate professor at the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences at Tama University, he has been an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics at Meiji University since April 2017. At the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, he engaged in diagnosis, guidance, and research on small and medium-sized enterprises at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office of Commerce and Industry. After that, he held positions such as Deputy Counselor in charge of Commerce and Industry Policy, Industrial and Labor Bureau, and Director of Planning and Accounting Division, Industrial and Labor Bureau. He has long been involved in the planning and drafting of measures for small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo, and also serves as a member of the policy review committee of each local government.  
Specializes in regional industries, small and medium-sized enterprises, regional businesses, entrepreneurship, servicing of the manufacturing industry, corporate diagnosis, and industrial policy.   PhD (Economics).


Naoto Sakai
Mayor of Nakano Ward. President of the non-profit organization Street Design Research Organization. Nakano Ward Community Support Promotion Office Deputy Counselor (Regional Comprehensive Care Promotion). Secretary General of the Local Government Improvement Management Study Group.
Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law. Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Law. After working in the Ward Council Secretariat, General Affairs Division Laws and Regulations, Document Management System Introduction, Financial Accounting System Introduction, Public Relations Homepage, Publicity, National Health Insurance Administration Section Manager, and Public Relations Section Manager, he assumed his current position.
In 2010, the Nakano Ward staff study group NAS was launched, and since then it has been held once a month.


Go Nagashima
General Manager of Regional Collaboration Support Division, Value Creation Business Headquarters, Tama Shinkin Bank. Visiting professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University. Member of the Regional Economy and Industry Subcommittee, Industrial Structure Council, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Small and Medium Enterprise Policy Council Small and Medium Enterprise Management Support Regional Economy and Industry Subcommittee Support Subcommittee. Member of Chofu City's Comprehensive Strategic Review Committee for Revitalizing Town, People, and Jobs. A member of the Nishi-Tokyo City Comprehensive Strategy Planning Committee.
In 1988, entered the Tama Chuo Shinkin Bank. In 1997, he established the Tama Life Club. In 2009, Tamashin was appointed General Manager of the Business Support Center, and in 2011, General Manager of the Value Creation Division. In the same year, he was involved in the start of operation of the “problem-solving platform TAMA” and the launch of the “Tokyo Tama Souvenir Project”. In 2013, the “Startup Support Center TAMA” was established. Current position since 2017. He has also served on many local government committees.


Masahiro Yoshida
Representative Director of Permanent Growth Company Network. Director of the Regional Independence Research Institute. Specially appointed researcher at Hosei University Graduate School CSR Research Institute. Invited researcher at Waseda University Social Collaboration Research Institute.
Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1951. After graduating from the School of Commerce, Waseda University, joined Yokohama City in 1977. Mainly focused on economic administration. Served as manager of the industrial finance section, manager of the economic policy section, and manager of the management support section. In 2008 and 2009, he served as a member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Industry-Academia Human Resources Development Partnership Management and Management Personnel Subcommittee. In 2011, he won the 6th Nippon New Business Creation Award "Support Category" Grand Prize (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, Japan New Business Council Federation Chairman's Award) for the first time in Japan as an active civil servant. Retired in March 2013.
He has served as representative director of the Permanent Growth Enterprise Network, Director of the Institute for Regional Independence, Specially Appointed Researcher at the Research Institute for Social Responsibility Research, Hosei University Graduate School, Invited Researcher at the Waseda University Social Collaboration Research Institute, etc., working on regional revitalization, industrial development, and corporate support. be in


Jusuke Ikegami

Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Waseda University (management strategy, global management)

Professor at Waseda University. Graduated from Waseda University School of Commerce. Obtained a Ph.D. (Business Administration) from Hitotsubashi University. After working at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), MARS JAPAN, Softbank EC Holdings, and Nissay Capital, assumed his current position in 2016. Academy of International Business (AIB) Japan chair, Japan Association for International Business Studies (JAIBS) Director and International Committee Member, Intercultural Management Society Director. Director of the Waseda Institute for Blue Ocean Strategies and Secretary of the Waseda Institute for Global Strategic Leadership. Outside auditor of Toyo Ink SC Holdings since 2015. MBA from Judge School of Management, University of Cambridge, MA in International Relations, Graduate School of Political Science, University of Sheffield, UK, MA in International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kent, UK.


Akiko Shigemoto

Waseda University Graduate School of Business Administration Associate Professor
Graduated from Meiji University Graduate School of Political Science and Economics Master's Program in Economics, studied abroad at Rutgers University Graduate School of Business Administration doctoral course in Fulbright Program. After working at Citigroup, Moody's, Microsoft, Financial Services Agency, Rutgers Business School, etc., he is currently in his current position. Certified Fraud Examiner. Specializes in business ethics/CSR, strategic management, and international management.


Maren Joel

Waseda University Faculty of Commerce Associate Professor

Johns Hopkins University (MA). University of Minnesota (PhD). Since 2013, he has been a full-time lecturer at the Center for Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University. Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Waseda University since 2018. Specializes in the relationship between management strategy and the natural environment. In particular, research and modeling of business strategies for environmental damage reduction (GHG reduction tools such as carbon pricing and SBT), business strategies, organizational goals, and feedback processes on environmental impacts.


Shuichi Sone

Associate Professor, Faculty of Cultural Policy, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. Doctor of Business Administration.

Born in 1977. Completed the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Economics, Shiga University. Career history: Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Shiga University, Kobe University, Wakayama University), full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration, Osaka University of Economics, visiting researcher at Memorial University, Canada, visiting researcher at the Shiga University Risk Research Center, full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration, Tezukayama University, etc. After that, he assumed his current position. Awards: Japan Section of the RSAI Excellent Presentation Award (2008). Japan Venture Society Society Paper Award (Tadao Kiyonari Award) (2014), etc. Areas of Specialization: Management Strategy, Organizational Theory, Corporate History


Haruko Kanamaru

AEON Co., Ltd. Group Environmental and Social Contribution Department General Manager 
After graduating from Hiroshima University, joined Nichii Co., Ltd. March 2011 Aeon Co., Ltd. Group Customer Service Officer. General Manager of Customer Service Department of Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. March 2012 Aeon Co., Ltd. Management Personnel Development Committee Secretariat Secretary General. September 2013 Aeon Co., Ltd. Group Environmental and Social Contribution Department General Manager Current position
We aim to realize a sustainable society by solving social issues through our business.
Currently, Member of the WG on Measures against Fluorocarbons, etc., Industrial Structure Council, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Waste Council, Member of the Subcommittee on Measures against Fluorocarbons, etc., Global Environment Subcommittee, Central Environment Council, Ministry of the Environment, Member of the Tokyo Food Loss Reduction Partnership Conference .


Tetsuo Ohtsuka
General Manager, Social Innovation Department, Social Infrastructure Division, Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd.
Joined Ricoh Co., Ltd. in 1988. After that, he was in charge of domestic sales and marketing. From 2007 to March 2015, he was in charge of developing emerging markets. BRICs, Next11. Incumbent since April 2015. Exploring new partners and new businesses in new markets from the perspective of regional revitalization.


Tatsuto Konishi
Semba Co., Ltd. Creative Director Division Project Manager. Real estate broker. A member of the Hakata Community Development Promotion Council.
 Born in 1975 in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture. Joined Senba Co., Ltd. in 1998. Transferred to the CD Management Department in January 2016 after working in the Research Planning Department at the Research Planning Department at the Tokyo SC (Shopping Center) Development Business Headquarters. Since joining the company, he has been engaged in general planning and development consulting (survey, planning, concept, strategy planning, tenant mix planning, tenant leasing, etc.) for commercial facilities and public-private partnership facilities.
Main business achievements in recent years
KITTE Hakata, Aeon Mall Okayama, Shinjuku Odakyu Hulk Restaurant Bar Hull Chika,
Chuo Expressway EXPASA rigging slope, Toshima Ward Minami-Ikebukuro Park development project, etc.


Junichi Yoshida
Manager of NTT DATA Open Innovation Business Emergence Office.

Joined NTT in 1987. Currently, NTT DATA Innovation Business Promotion is developing inbound business creation and “Yoshida Theater”, a lecture activity on global ICT trends, tourism, etc.
◆Yoshida Theater◆
The "Yoshida Theater", a theatrical presentation that makes full use of "video" on domestic and overseas service trends (finance, tourism, regional revitalization, medical care, the latest ICT, etc.) has been very well received, and more than 80 lectures are held annually. .
We will deliver a large number of the latest cases in a shower of information. Scales from the eyes, excitement, fatigue, exhilaration...
We would appreciate it if you could watch it in a casual atmosphere, just like watching a short movie at home.
<External Activities>
・Strategic review member of the Japan Tourism Agency "Visit Japan +" WG (until 2014)
・Director of Japan Shopping Tourism Association
・"Council on tax exemption system for foreign tourists" Vice Chairman
・NTT2020 study WG members
・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Hospitality Task Force WG member (until 2015)
・Member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry IOT Promotion Business Council
・Member of Global Communication Development Promotion Council, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
・Sports Agency: Member of Public-Private Partnership Sports Health Promotion Study Group


Makoto Hayashi
Tokorozawa City Finance Department Finance Section Manager.
Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1965. Graduated from the Department of Economics, School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. Employed at NEC Corporation. After that, he joined Tokorozawa City Hall. Temporarily transferred to the Saitama Prefectural Office, where he continues to this day. In the city, he belongs to the finance department, commercial promotion department, policy planning department, etc. Acquired Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant qualification.


Masato Ikeda
General Manager of CSR Division, SoftBank Corp. Secretary General of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Foundation.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake, I moved from the marketing department to the CSR department in 2011 to promote ongoing social contribution projects that companies can do.
Currently, as the head of SoftBank's CSR Division and the secretary general of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Foundation, he is working to solve social issues through business.

Creating a place for future industry-government-academia-citizen collaboration to nurture SDGs global leaders!As a goal, from the pain points of the SDGs, which are common global goals and languages, individuals and corporations in the region and the worldConnecting Industry, Government, Academia and Citizens, life and business x finance ecosystem realized by sustainability, resilience & co-elevation, so to speakCreate a “park” that everyone can participate inWe are looking for CePiC / SIH mentors as EXPARTS who can guide and support the international (pre-)hackathon. For inquiries, please contactCePiC (SIH) Secretariatfart

CePiC/SIH Mentor(International (pre-)hackathon judges)
Support related to technology/DX, local human resources, intellectual property, etc.


Daiki Ito

Representative Director of Public dots & Company Co., Ltd.

Joined Nikkei BP after graduating from Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering. After working in the Nikkei Electronics editorial department, Yokohama City Council member (3 terms, 10 years). During his tenure, he focused on data-based city management, such as the promotion of open data and the effective use of public assets. Established Public dots & Company Co., Ltd. with the mission of "redefining the public". Based on a database of public human resources centered on lawmakers and civil servants from private companies, we develop various consulting businesses such as planning and giving advice on public-private co-creation projects. It has particular strengths in local government DX, such as supporting the formulation of a "digital comprehensive plan" that Ehime Prefecture is the first municipality to handle nationwide. This fall, we plan to launch a low-priced consulting service for startups on a subscription model. His recent publications include "Japan's Future 2019-2028 Urban Revitalization/Regional Revitalization" (2019, Nikkei BP), which predicts changes in cities over the next 10 years. Hakuhodo New Business Development Fellow and part-time lecturer at Ferris University.


Mayumi Nakabayashi

Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University Financial Strategy and Management Finance Course, Mainichi Mirai Creation Lab, Global IoT Technology Ventures, Inc. Investment Dept, Associate & Assistant Chairman
Previous Workplace: SBI Graduate University

Alma mater: Meiji University Business School (MBS) Graduate School of Global Business, Meiji University School period: 2013-2015

Living in Yokohama CityBorn in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture


Seiichiro Kajii

Publink Co., Ltd. President
Born in Tokyo in 1982. Joined the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2005 after graduating from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. He has been involved in a variety of fields, including legal revisions, such as growth strategy, human resources policy, productivity improvement, and research and development, and has experience of being seconded to the Cabinet Secretariat. Retired from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2011, keenly aware of the need to understand and connect the feelings of both the public and private sectors. Retired in 2011 and founded K-Tech Partners Co., Ltd. (now changed its name to Publink Co., Ltd.). In 2013, he co-founded Zpeer Inc. and retired in 2017. Established Publink Co., Ltd. in 2018. While involved in the management of a wide variety of communities that connect the public and private sectors, he promotes various initiatives for public-private co-creation.


Masayuki Yoshida
BroadBand Tower Co., Ltd. President's Office Fellow. Digital Platformer Inc. CFO
Joined Sumitomo Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) after completing a master's course at the Department of Bioengineering, Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University.
Applying statistics and programming to trading and risk management in the securities exchange field. Responsible for the research office manager (economic macro analysis) and financial product development at the company's asset management company. In the company's private banking division, he is in charge of providing information on customer asset management, financial products real estate, world affairs, M&A, etc., mainly for listed owner-president customers.
After leaving BroadBand Tower Co., Ltd., he was in charge of new business development activities such as venture capital business, fintech, and digitalization business as a president's office fellow (current position). SBI Graduate School Financial Research Institute Senior Researcher (current position: concurrent), Internet Research Institute, Inc. Senior Manager (current position: concurrent).

柿崎 充.jpg

Mitsuru Kakizaki
General Manager, Digital Strategy Office, Sansan Inc.
General Incorporated Association CDO Club Japan Secretariat Manager

In 2000, when he was a student at Keio University, he participated in the start-up as a co-founding member.In 2003, he started his own business as a manager and expanded into Shenyang, China. In 2006, joined Price Waterhouse Coopers (formerly Bearing Point), a foreign-affiliated consulting firm. Widely engaged in research and planning of global management strategies and group management systems, system and security audits of financial institutions, support for strengthening internal controls, support for IR and integrated reporting. Joined Sansan in 2013 and assumed his current position in June 2016. Since 2018, he has also participated in the CDO Club Japan, a general incorporated association, and is working on research and support for digital transformation in Japan and globally.


Kiyoshi Usui
SVP Tokyo Partner. Founding company representative of Shiji LLC.
Joined Suwa Seikosha (now Seiko Epson) in 1984. Starting in Osaka, he gained experience mainly in marketing and HRM in Taiwan, the UK, and Germany. During his tenure, he advocated a “social Lehmans” lifestyle with three colleagues outside the company to “turn a company worker into a member of society.” The activity is serialized in "Nikkei Technology Online". In 2014, he established "Shigoto Sogyosha" to produce "learning" for business creation and career development and became independent. With the motto "In an era of 100 years of life, no matter how old you are, it's a progressive form", with the keyword Age100. As an art educator, he is expanding his range of activities, such as implementing a “painting appreciation program for people with dementia” at the National Museum of Western Art.


Atsushi Hanai
Ricoh Co., Ltd. Signage-MICE business office manager. Cross-Border Leadership Project Advisor. United Nations GC-JN "Meeting to think about tomorrow's management" 6th batch.
Joined Ricoh after graduating from university. Mr. Hanai, who was assigned to the sales department immediately after joining the company, was keenly aware of the importance of customer-oriented business development. I have raised However, I was surprised that none of the jobs were what I wanted. How did you get over when you got an unexpected job that you didn't intend, when you were entrusted with a business with no experience or knowledge? For example, when Ricoh entered the projector business last, it started with a two-person project team. Starting from scratch, commercialization, organization building, and product development are progressing at the same time, and he is currently engaged in signage, MICE, and the development of regional revitalization markets.
What is the difference between a successful project and a failed project?
What are the common denominators of sustainable and growing businesses and companies?
You can get support from six perspectives that determine the success or failure of business creation.


Kimata Kei
WORKOUT COO. Deputy secretary general of Co-founder of JAPAN AT UK.


Amane Nakajima
Chairman of Kewpie Corporation. President of Nakashima Antique Shoten.
1983 Graduated from Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics. 1989 Completed master's degree at Cornell University Johnson School of Management. 1983-1993 Joined The Industrial Bank of Japan. Worked at IBJ Asset Management (portfolio manager). Joined Nakashimato Co., Ltd. and Kewpie Corporation in 1993. Currently President of Nakashimato Shoten Co., Ltd. Chairman of Kewpie Corporation.
Director of Aohata Co., Ltd. Sanno University Councilor. Director of Toyo Shokuhin Junior College. Director of Save the Children Public Interest Incorporated Association. Director of Hatakagekai Foundation. Director of Chuto Scholarship Foundation.


Kiyoshi Minamigata
President of Axis Coordination Co., Ltd.
In 1986, he joined Nipponden 1so (now Denso). 1992 Head of German Representative Office   (youngest 29). 1996 New Business Promotion Department Project Leader. At Denso, as the leader of the non-mainstream division, he learned how to persuade the management team that emphasizes the core business of automobiles.
Independence in 1999. Founded our company. Appointed representative director. Up to now. After founding, he has produced business and supported open innovation for about 50 major companies.


Toru Okazaki
CEO of Daffodil Japan IT. CEO of Bangla Business Partners. NOC Outsourcing & Consulting Executive Officer.
Passed the second-stage certified public accountant exam while in college. Joined Shin Nihon Audit Corporation. After working in KPMGFAS, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the investment division of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., he assumed his current position. Former visiting professor at Takushoku University.


Toru Amano
Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Meisei University.
Graduated from Waseda University. Graduated from the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University. Withdrew from the doctoral course at the same graduate school. Associate Professor, Department of Human Sociology, Faculty of Sociology, Edogawa University. Since 2006, he has been a professor at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Meisei University. He has served as a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Regional Media Content Study Group, a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications e-town development project evaluation committee, a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ICT Resident Participation Study Group WG, and a director of the Sociological Society of Waseda University.


Shigemi Tsubaki
Representative of T co-creation planning. A member of the Industry-University Collaboration Committee of the Federation of Interdisciplinary Fundamental Science and Technology Research Organizations. Representative of the Japan Society for Management Information. Japan Venture Society. Regional Design Society. Former part-time lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Former University of Tsukuba part-time lecturer.
Graduated from the Department of Information Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering. Former Sony Corporation
General Manager of Planning and Management Department of numerous business divisions (business strategy, corporate planning and management, global operations, information strategy, etc.)
General Manager of Head Office R&D Planning and Management Department, General Manager of Venture Management Office, General Manager of Project Management Office Directly Controlled by Head Office, General Manager of Planning and Management Department of Strategic Research Institute, General Manager of Lifestyle Research Laboratory
Former Managing Director and Executive Officer of Sony Finance International
Former Outside Director of Monex, Inc.
Many part-time directors and part-time auditors of affiliated companies


Akira Inoue
Manager of Co-Creation Promotion Section, New Business Division, Denso Corporation.
After graduating from Waseda University School of Commerce, joined Denso Corporation. In 2015, transferred to the New Business Management Department after working on personnel strategy formulation, system planning, and business planning for the automotive parts business. In 2016, he moved his base of operations to Tokyo, and is currently working in the "Co-Creation Promotion Section" to strengthen collaboration with startups and other outside parties.


Hirokuni Suguro
Graduated from San Jose State University. Joined a JX Group company. After working at ZF in Germany, started Trimir Co., Ltd. The smart helmet business becomes a finalist in IBM's Blue Hub. In addition, he is participating as an engineer in GROW, which was also a finalist of Singularity University's Japan Global Impact Challenge. During college, he also participated in a NASA student project.


Takaya Imai
CEO of Frontier Partners LLC. Representative Director of Data Tower Co., Ltd. United Bitcoiners Inc. Co-Founder & Director CTO.
Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1980. Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics. Experienced search engine development/server operation, R&D, large-scale data analysis, and data storage system construction at, Inc. and BizMobile, Inc. Established Frontier Partners LLC in April 2014. Current CEO & Founder. United Bitcoiners Inc. Co-Founder & Director CTO. Representative Director of Data Tower Co., Ltd. Blockchain Hub Technology Advisor. Advisor of the Blockchain Skills Certification Association.


Kazunori Nagai
Representative of Nagai Kikaku. KAI Anthropology COO. Executive Officer of Swingby Co., Ltd. Director of the Japan Business Intelligence Association (advanced technology). Secretary of the National Vision Study Group Committee, etc.
Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology. Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology. Joined Nippon Steel Corporation. Nippon Steel Technology development, technology planning, technology strategy formulation/office manager/department manager. Independent Administrative Agency NEDO Energy Conservation Technology Development Director. International Energy Agency IEA Technology Implementation Agreement Executive Committee Japan Representative and Vice Chair (AMF, HPP). Cabinet Office Council for Science and Technology Competitive Fund Program


Kenichiro Takanashi
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Information Innovation Division C&I Center Business Innovation Headquarters General Manager.  
Studied mainly social marketing at the Keio University Faculty of Policy Management, and after graduating in 1994, joined Dai Nippon Printing. Engaged in branding, sales promotion, marketing, etc. for client companies, and new business projects. In 2014, he was appointed General Manager of CC/SD Headquarters in charge of corporate communication and space development. In 2017, he assumed the post of General Manager of the Business Innovation Headquarters, which is responsible for new business development, and continues to this day.

Creating a place for future industry-government-academia-citizen collaboration to nurture SDGs global leaders!As a goal, from the pain points of the SDGs, which are common global goals and languages, individuals and corporations in the region and the worldConnecting Industry, Government, Academia and Citizens, life and business x finance ecosystem realized by sustainability, resilience & co-elevation, so to speakCreate a “park” that everyone can participate inWe are looking for CePiC / SIH mentors as EXPARTS who can guide and support the international (pre-)hackathon. For inquiries, please contactCePiC (SIH) Secretariatfart

 projects' list 3 

[Phase 3: "management” SDGs Innovation HUB】
Regional Revitalization/Social Promotion Project + Industry-Government-Academia-Citizen (Friday) Collaboration Demonstration


[project 1] Industry/Government/Academia/Private/(Fri) MM HR Intl. Sharing & Exchange(International Micro Movie Talent Share & Exchange)

A cyberspace system that transcends time and space to support activities at the SDGs Innovation HUB in the real space

Select the “Expanded SDGs Action Plan 2019”, activate the “Regional Revitalization SDGs Financial Framework”, lead the front line as a SDGs practice body, disseminate own SDGs / next SDGs to the world, G20 countries and international organizations , a new Geo Voice System that dramatically increases the speed and social impact of co-creation with governments/municipalities, JCI/UN, etc.)

[project 2] Urban development ideathon based on design thinking(CePiC Mentor Mr. Tsutsumi, VCT and other moderators)
Wide area ArtTech event JC SDGs HUB (FukuokaMyojo Waraku",Sapporo"No Maps”, art festivals, etc.)
(CePiC cooperationRRPFalignment)

[project 3] SDGs environmental (global) problem solving/goal achievement action

SDGs Innovation Industry/Government/Academia/Private/(Fri) Co-creation HUB event/demonstration experimentInternational organizationbeginning, stock exchanges, regions andBanking, securities, and insurance industry associations nationwideetc. to create ecosystems and spaces)

[project 4] JC joint regional (society, town, village) creation SDGs eventRegional revitalization SDGs public-private partnership platform and P for CePiC collaborationublink,47 meetings,RRPFetc. to realize the support “Expanded SDGs Action Plan 2019”

Disseminate initiatives and contributions to next SDGs issues to the world, co-creation with G20 countries, governments, local governments, international organizations, JCI, UN, etc.

[project 5] e-sports SDGs event

JC Summercon World SDGs Summit 2019Efforts to realize and contribute to

next Communicating SDGs issues to the world (Sports are all about SDGs), co-creation with IOC/JOC, related ministries and agencies, JCI/UN, etc.

[project 6] Resilience co-creation HUB event(Governments, local governments, international organizations,Resilience Japan Promotion Council

(Collaboration with commendation systems such as CePiC collaboration at the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015)

[project 7] Natural SDGs Sustainable Financial System ProjectG20"TCFD progress report"of

Disseminate to the world the initiatives to be realized and the next SDGs issues to contribute to, G20 countries, FSB,EDT・Co-creation with JCI, UN, etc.

<Achieve SDGs[Earth, Environment, Topography, Nature's Wisdom]Examples of projects (local JCs and committees freely organize and promote)>

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