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SIH Hackathon/BC & EXPERTS

JCI Int’l Business Contest

Co-creating your Business and Finance beyond Covid-19 Pandemic

for the SDGs from your Innovation acupoint shared for the future.

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International one-month Hackathon 2020 in JCI World Congress

November 4-6, 2020 JCI International Hackathon

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For participation, please visit SIH, the official website of SDGs Innovation HUB .

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With " EXPERTS " (industry-government-academia-private financial experts, SDGs Innovation mentors),
at " EVENTS " (server & real co-creation place such as international hackathon and HUB)
(^ _-)-★ Find friends who can share your dreams and visions locally, nationwide, and around the world, ☆ 彡
(^ _-)-★ Become an emergent member of the future and discover your own strengths and potential, ☆ 彡

(^ _-)-★ Let's co-create a new financial / market ecosystem and HUB with industry, government, academia and the private sector. ☆ 彡


The essence of SDGs is to make the present and future of all of us human beings, regions and the world Sustainable.
It is the transformation of the region and the world, and our innovation that is the main body of it.


The business x finance innovation points (Pain Point) that produce the most impactful added value toward achieving the SDGs are EVENTS such as SDGs Innovation HUB and International Hackathon because market principles do not work for the 17 goals of public SDGs. Show the flag. (Clarify the flag) as a "co-creation theme" in Japan, not only the SMEs, but also the academic and professional human resources of large companies and large countries that have led the world so far. Involving human resources of all ages and men who work and live in small countries / regions, schools / families, and potential human resources that transcend generations and national borders.

As a completely new next-generation leader

Gather in cyber and real, co-create and realize collaborative projects with industry-government-academia-private finance.

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Natural disasters / blessings (“environment (biosphere)” issues), human weaknesses / strengths (social issues), co-creation themes and teams of local / world people (economic issues), SIH (CePiC) that helps co-creation Mentors have the information below.




A new issue published on July 10, 2020 on the series of events of the JCI International Hackathon and its relationship with the SDGs.

It is described in detail in "The Essence of SDGs" (edited by the organizer SIH (NRI)).


Now you can purchase "The Essence of SDGs" and the invitation set for JCI International Hackathon Qualifiers for 3,000 yen (including shipping and tax).

Individuals and organizations participating in EVENTS, including the "International (Pre) Hackathon"

1. 1. Simply register for the SDGs Innovation HUB and you will be registered for free. Later, when you have time, you can answer worksheets and questionnaires while asking EXPERTS mentors about your strengths, best themes and teams, regional cooperation, supply chain cooperation, wide area cooperation and deployment. You can discover the sex and enjoy the full benefits of participating in EVENTS and HUB . (Registration: ,   )

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Individuals and organizations that support EVENTS, including the "International (Pre) Hackathon"


Individuals and organizations that cooperate with EVENTS in research and analysis, including the "International (Pre) Hackathon"

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2. 2. Select a team with 9 + α "co-creation themes" under the three tips of " 1: Society ", " 2: Economy ", and " 3: Environment (biosphere) " of "SDGs Wedding Cake", and if there is no perfect one By creating your own + α "co-creation theme" and sending the necessary information to the EXPERT Contact us on this site for registration and posting, you can recruit friends from all over the world to join the team and realize SDGs business x finance. ..

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Natural disasters / blessings (“environment (biosphere)” issues), human weaknesses / strengths (social issues), co-creation themes and teams of local / world people (economic issues), SIH (CePiC) that helps co-creation Mentors have the information below.

3. 3. "Co-creation theme" of education, entrepreneurship, management, colleagues / teams who can share dreams and visions , industry-government-academia-private financial experts, SDGs Innovation HUB, SIH mentor ( CePiC) who will find their own strengths and possibilities together Mentors ) are selected from EXPERTS & projects' list 1-3 of EXPERT on this site, write up to the third choice in Contact us and send the necessary information, and if the conditions are met, the world's most advanced in FB messenger etc. Bring your dreams to fruition by mentoring, participating in workshops, concluding agreements, preferential projects and pilot demonstrations.

For future-oriented advice on emergence of the future, SIH, which hosts the SDGs Innovation HUB project,





Leave it to CePiC and other collaborative organizations to help you manage it . Please feel free to contact us.

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