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Sun, 22 Nov


JST Science Agora 2020

Creating a life & work space / time that pleases the five senses with the blessings of the forest

When considering Life in the New Normal of With / after Corona as industry, government, academia, citizens, men and women of all ages, the life that human beings are currently fighting against Corona is life, but the life of the life of Goal 3 of the global medium- to long-term goal SDGs is healthy. Life and welfare (living) becomes sustainable only when there is work (working, learning). For sustainable life and work that pleases the five senses, we conducted industry-academia workshops and industry-government-academia-private collaborations nationwide and at venues from September to November. We will hold a creative symposium.

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Creating a life & work space / time that pleases the five senses with the blessings of the forest


22 Nov 2020, 13:00 – 13:40 GMT+9

JST Science Agora 2020



[ Please use the link below to apply for participation ]

Creating a life and work space and time that pleases the five senses with the blessings of the forest

Co-create your Sustainable Life & Work space & time fascinating our five sense

JST Science Agora 2020

We will hold a workshop using essential oils extracted from Kushiro Forest and thinned Abies sachalinensis to promote a sustainable and ethical lifestyle that is important even in the era of With Corona.

Megumi Mori Project at SDGs Innovation HUB International Autumn Camp WS held in Kushiro in September of this year " Strong and supple human beings living on the regenerating earth-Smart Wellness (Kenyuki) Worcation Telework Introducing the actions of " Forest Minna no Chikyu Park ", expressing the possibilities of forest blessings in the universal language SDGs, and accelerating the actions of innovation in collaboration with industry, government, academia, the private sector, regions and cities, and the world. The purpose is to become a HUB. Everyone is free to participate at any time, so please join us.

Delivery date and time Sunday, November 22nd 13: 00-13: 40 (-14:00)

[Application link]


1. 1. Organizer Greetings Introduction (3 minutes)

Teru Hirooka

2. 2. About Megumi Mori PJ Business introduction / video broadcast (12 minutes)

Okuhira Sorin

3. Sharing Kushiro's actions in September and future possibilities

(1) About S.T.'s Clear Forest Business (2 minutes)

Okuhira Sorin

(2) Worcation in Kushiro City, increasing the added value and attractiveness of resources, developing sales channels, and expanding the relationship economy (3 minutes)

Kanae Maeda

(3) Local cloud exchange meeting, about heroes in Eastern Hokkaido (3 minutes)

Kotoe Shinomiya

(5) About ethical consumption actions in urban areas (2 minutes)

Teru Hirooka

4, Simple ideathon with participants (1 group is divided into about 4 people and what can be done with impression sharing) (12 minutes)

(1) Impressions (things that were interesting, things that I wanted to know more deeply)

(2) If so, how would you like to get involved?

(3) What I noticed for further development

5. Summary (3 minutes)

(1) Information on Kushiro Fercation Forum

(2) Megumi Forest Workshop in the city center (created by learning) Woodworking + fragrance + culture information

(3) Questionnaire (Mori Lab Stick will be presented to those who answered on the Google form)

Exhibitor Name MEGV, Mother Earth with Geo Voice

SIH projects, SDGs Innovation HUB projects

Name of collaborators Everyone's Global Park International Community

Collaborated with CePiC, Commonearth Park international Community

[ Please use the link below to apply for participation ]


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