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Thu, 22 Aug



Setouchi Summer Camp 2024【August 22-24】参加申込/Application

次世代「地域DXプロデューサーLdxP」が世界とつなぐ ~ 森と海のオンリーワン資(遺)産をつないで価値産む資本に ~ 会場:広島(広島・福山)-岡山(白石島・北木島)-香川(高松) Next generation‘Local DX Producer, LdxP’connects with the world ~ Connecting local unique resources/heritage into value-generating capital ~ Venue:Hirosima-Fukuyama-Okayama-(Shireishi,Kitagi)Island-Kagawa

Setouchi Summer Camp 2024【August 22-24】参加申込/Application
Setouchi Summer Camp 2024【August 22-24】参加申込/Application


22 Aug 2024, 13:00 – 24 Aug 2024, 17:00

広島市, 日本、〒730-0051 広島県広島市中区大手町1丁目2−1





~ 森と海のオンリーワン資(遺)産をつないで価値産む資本に ~





 ※ 地域DXプロデューサー概要: 



 ※ 2024.5.12 ◤東西地域DX事業 for EXPO2025◢ 次世代知と技の国際交流プログラム: 



共催:一般社団法人SIH、一般社団法人CePiC、(株)川﨑建設、Vma plus株式会社   







お問い合わせ  :  一般社団法人デジタル田園都市国家構想応援団 事務局 




SIH国際ビジコンAP(日本)/国際予選【参加者募集】と東西地域DX事業 for EXPO2025【参加説明会


  9:30-12:30 ◤東西地域DX事業 for EXPO2025 参加説明会◢


       ↓ ※名和教授・デジ田応援団・SIH 特別鼎談  

12:30-17:00 ◤SIH国際ビジネスコンテストアジア太平洋(日本)予選2024◢


(ハイブリッド開催ーリアル会場:東京都 港区産業振興センター11F 大ホール (港区芝5-36-4 札の辻スクエア) アクセス:

Setouchi Summer Camp 2024【Application】

Next generation‘Local DX Producer, LdxP’connects with the world

~ Connecting local unique resources/heritage into value-generating capital ~

【Date :  Thursday-Saturday August 22-24, 2024】


Turning the "dots into lines and surfaces" of the attractions of Setouchi, Japan's first national park, to the world in preparation for EXPO 2025.Preparatory training for certification as a Regional DX Producer★★ for young high school and university students and working adults.

 ※ Local DX Producer overview: 

Peace" in Hiroshima, "Rose Culture" in Fukuyama for the World Rose Conference 2025, Shiraishi Island for the World Heritage Shiraishi Dance (stay overnight),Zentsuji Temple of Kukai (stay), company hut, and in Takamatsu, where 'Ura Art Setouchi' will be conceived and co-created with the first DX Minister Hirai.

 ※ 2024.5.12 ◤East-West Local/region DX business for EXPO2025◢ International exchange program for next-generation knowledge and technology: 

  :Explanation of the background, history and goals of the project as a local/regional DX project.

Organized by:GIA. ”Digi-town(Garden City)” Nations Cheering League, Digi-town NCL

Co-organized with:GIA. SIH, CIA. CePiC, Kawasaki Kensetsu Co., Vma plus Co., Ltd. 

Collaborated with:Institute for Innovation in Town and Learning Co., Ltd. 

Participation Fee: \33,000(※Hotel,etc.)& others  

Max: 20 people  

Application: Please fill in the application form below and then click on the '参加申込 Application' button at the bottom of this page to apply. 

      The secretariat will send you an email with information on where to transfer the participation fee, and once you have transferred the fee, your application is complete (the secretariat will also inform you of the cancellation policy).

      The secretariat will also send you information by e-mail about the orientation, workshops and web meetings between participants and organisers/experts, so please participate actively.

Enquiries  :  GIA. Digi-town NCL Office 

Detailed flyer, including schedule(Download): 

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Sunday 12 May 2024

SIH International Business Contest 2024 Asia-Pasific (Japan) / International Qualifier [Call for Participants] and East-West Regional DX Project for EXPO 2025 [Participation briefing]

 *Event application and details: -sankasetsumeikai-goannai 

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 *Details and application for the East-West Regional DX Project: 

       ↓ *Prof. Nawa, Digita Support Group, SIH Special Trilogy  

12:30-17:00 ◤SIH International Business Contest Asia Pacific (Japan) Qualifier 2024◢

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